Now I am…

Past projects…

  1. Realsies: An app to help people put their money where their mouth is.
  2. Tamuro: An audio chat application to talk about things that interest you with two random strangers.
  3. Ezether: A peer-to-peer Etherium Exchange.
  4. Prolifiko: A personal writing coach web app.
  5. Temple Tree: An online store for a tiger reserve.
  6. Beeminder Redesign: A productivity app that charges you money if you don’t get things done.
  7. Sewing New Futures: An online clothing store that employs and empowers women in forced prostitution.
  8. Treehouse Clothing: An online t-shirt store.
  9. Vape Empire: An online store for alternatives to smoking products.
  10. AlphaSheets: An online spreadsheet that supports Python, R, and SQL.
  11. Man To Grand: A marketplace for non-medical care services.
  12. Sunil Tandon: A portfolio site for an Infrastructure Development Consultant.
  13. Kautilya News Network: A news website for an independent publishing house.
  14. Young Presidents Fund: An investment firm in Africa.
  15. Jazzmin Jiwa: A portfolio website for a freelance journalist & documentary-maker.
  16. Tania Rashid: A portfolio website for a multimedia journalist.
  17. Music Basti: Music Basti enables music learning for children to nurture confidence and skills to achieve their best.
  18. Kahanibaaz: A website for an independent screenwriting house.
  19. Kautilya Books: A website for an independent publishing house.

If you’d like updates on things, I make I have a weekly(ish) newsletter for you called Business Building Adventures.


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